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smoky progg
Posted 3/10/2008 8:00:18 PM
message detail
It won't let me play the song I want in Brawl! I thought it had music selection! Dragon_Rebel05 13 3/10 7:58PM
*** The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Friend Codes Topic *** WVl 307 3/10 7:49PM
Anyone else having lag issues with the Subspace portion of Brawl? ScareChan 12 3/10 7:48PM
so brawl online isn't working for me at all freacyreturns 5 3/10 7:47PM
B8's First Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament! Look inside! (Anti-Purge) v3.0 Xene_Elk 174 3/10 7:32PM
-Super Smash Bros. Brawl WIFI BATTLING Topic- JohnLayfieId 68 3/10 7:31PM
You thought the Brawl board was bad? TurnTurnTurn 4 3/10 7:03PM
The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Update Gopic - Part 47 *SPOILERS* NClark128 358 3/10 6:57PM
I just noticed, Foxtrot did a Brawl comic Grand Kirby 4 3/10 6:45PM
All you hosers playing Brawl right now. TheRock1525 12 3/10 6:20PM
Fill my Brawl friends roster Finalxflash 12 3/10 6:17PM
Monday's VC Releases - You'll be too busy play Brawl, but it's import week SHINE GET 64 22 3/10 6:14PM
What is the best controller to use for Super Smash Bros. Brawl? vpHigherlove 8 3/10 5:47PM
imho the top 5 brawl players thusfar SessIsSoTrill 37 3/10 5:15PM
Okay I need to play someone in brawl to see if it orks on my dads comp DSRage_Revived 5 3/10 5:09PM
Still need help getting my Wii to play Brawl Online. (Specifics inside) DSRage_Revived 7 3/10 5:06PM
ff6man, I challenge you to a B-B-B-B-B-BRAWL! Pokalicious 9 3/10 5:04PM
Alright, who wants to be the first B8er to fight me in Brawl? FrenchForFish 10 3/10 4:52PM
Hey LtM, add me on Brawl, and give me your FC. Pokalicious 2 3/10 4:42PM
The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Discussion Topic - Part 48 *spoilers likely* CherryCokes 29 3/10 4:30PM
Someone is going to play me in brawl Charton 24 3/10 4:11PM
My complaints with Brawl The Real Truth 6 3/10 4:10PM
God dammit I want Brawl so bad! ShadowHalo17 5 3/10 4:10PM
name me some wii games to play other then Brawl Tornadoman78 3 3/10 4:10PM
I feel like Brawling someone =/ UltimaterializerX 25 3/10 3:56PM
so i see their are some people have problems even playing Brawl Tornadoman78 8 3/10 3:55PM
So, the PTI rundown shows a topic called "Brawl" swirIdude 8 3/10 3:54PM
Damn you Brawl. Zachnorn 4 3/10 3:47PM
I now own Brawl. caseyface 4 3/10 3:26PM
How long before everyone abandons Brawl for the next "Flavor of the month"? The Hardcore Kid 3 3/10 3:19PM
Someone help me test out my brawl online! ff6man 12 3/10 3:00PM
other fighting games to play besides Brawl Tornadoman78 5 3/10 2:51PM
New Favorite Brawl Characters? GamerPanda 4 3/10 2:38PM
...They changed the English Brawl opening? StealThisSheen 7 3/10 2:33PM
My With Anyone option isn't working on Brawl. KamikazePotato 15 3/10 2:14PM
It was like the Brawl gods smiled down upon me.... ExThaNemesis 7 3/10 1:45PM
Quick question about Brawl online (clarification, that is) LinkTheGient 3 3/10 1:36PM
There is one SEVERE problem with friend code's in brawl LinkTheGient 3 3/10 1:30PM
Board 8, a challenger appears! (Brawl) Auronthelegend 4 3/10 12:18PM
I don't have Brawl yet and I don't care >_> CantFaketheFunk 8 3/10 11:31AM
Anyone that wants to play Brawl Kaidyn04 4 3/10 10:57AM
Who wishes to challenge me to my first online brawl? Charton 4 3/10 10:57AM
So yeah, online Brawl is the laggiest thing of all time. UltimaterializerX 15 3/10 10:23AM
Anti-Brawl Topic Kungfuanyone 4 3/10 8:37AM
So, I am terrible at Brawl. ESY16 13 3/10 6:36AM
All the Brawlees are asleep now arent they? Shoenin_Kakashi 58 3/10 4:45AM
If you're procrastinating anything because of Brawl, post here nao. Procrastinater 3 3/10 2:24AM
smoky progg
Posted 3/10/2008 8:01:11 PM
message detail
im sick and tired of you guys talking about brawl this, brawl that. Cyclo_Reaper 5 3/10 2:15AM
i dont sleep and i love brawl Taslion 6 3/10 2:12AM
ugh too many Brawl topics Heroic Palmer 10 3/10 2:06AM
Yeah so online Brawl is pretty much the laggiest thing ever. Paratroopa1 24 3/10 1:46AM
Let's do this. (Brawl) Procrastinater 36 3/10 1:40AM
Anyone on the west coast want to Brawl? YoAriel33 8 3/10 1:32AM
I TOLD you that online Brawl will be laggy! lihlih 29 3/10 1:23AM
The OFFICIAL Brawl Discussion Topic. Princess Anri 2 3/10 12:58AM
Stop talking about Brawl! Menji76 7 3/10 12:49AM
Brawl contains a severe lack of Godot. TheRock1525 4 3/10 12:46AM
Wario is the most entertaining character to watch in Brawl. Heroic Dr Wily 24 3/10 12:44AM
Attn: Brawl players Kaidyn04 3 3/10 12:34AM
Lookin' for my first Brawl online ever. Wiikku 83 3/10 12:30AM
poll: best brawl wifi message thing SessIsSoTrill 5 3/10 12:21AM
I want to Brawl someone, damnit. ExThaNemesis 11 3/10 12:16AM
Playing Brawl was not my #1 new experience today TimJab 4 3/9 11:57PM
What does Aeris do when she realizes she doesn't have enough $ for Brawl? Huff n puff 20 4 3/9 11:57PM
BRAWL Anyone? Aecioo 12 3/9 11:48PM
Brawl is awesome btw. red13n 11 3/9 11:03PM
KP and I had the most epic Brawl battles ever. Biolizard28 10 3/9 10:48PM
An online site that streamed Brawl in Spectator mode would be great IcEpIcKRSF 1 3/9 10:38PM
My Best Brawl Moment. *spoiler* WarThaNemesis2 7 3/9 10:31PM
Who wants to Brawl? KamikazePotato 44 3/9 10:31PM
brawl wifi aim chat: B8BRAWL SessIsSoTrill 7 3/9 10:22PM
lolol online with brawl The Real Truth 3 3/9 10:14PM
The one thing I find that stands out the most so far for Brawl... Wedge Antilles 4 3/9 9:33PM
Gotta tell ya... Super Smash Bros. Brawl is pretty mediocre. TheRock1525 2 3/9 9:04PM
I just erased all my Brawl data SHINE GET 64 17 3/9 9:00PM
And the mass Brawl topics begin. Zachnorn 25 3/9 7:46PM
Is it just me or is brawl just melee on a bigger disc...? 3NearFall 12 3/9 7:22PM
Super Smash Brothers Brawl was well worth the wait. o___Okami 1 3/9 7:12PM
Alright, I'm tired of people having fun; I'm getting a Wii and Brawl Menji76 5 3/9 7:09PM
So I played a couple of hours of Brawl in some game store. BIGPUN9999 7 3/9 6:41PM
A serious topic not about Brawl. Silvercross 6 3/9 6:00PM
a topic not about brawl. jase87 7 3/9 5:15PM
Brawl came out today. _Yonex_ 3 3/9 5:06PM
You wouldn't believe the hassle I went through to get Brawl. the icon ownz all 10 3/9 5:05PM
ATTN anyone with brawl. I need to test my WiFi by playing someone. DSRage_Revived 1 3/9 5:03PM
Dodging all the Brawl topics is like driving 150 mph in a school zone GrapefruitKing 2 3/9 4:38PM
Who was the first character to kill you in Brawl? fourthmustyfear 23 3/9 4:38PM
My copy of Brawl I bought of a homeless person won't work sephsblade 4 3/9 4:38PM
So Brawl is better than Melee The Real Truth 4 3/9 3:26PM
I just played Brawl, and I gotta say...
smoky progg
Posted 3/10/2008 8:01:51 PM
message detail
I won my Brawl tourney, but only because everybody else blew. StealThisSheen 14 3/9 2:57PM
So here's how my Brawl experiance went in a nutshell... HeroicTronBonne 1 3/9 2:14PM
hey kleenex remember when we predicted brawl scores from ign and gamespot? The Destoyer 4 3/9 2:02PM
Sign here if you have brawl, but no wii right now perfectchaos180 1 3/9 1:36PM
so guys, hows brawl MyWorldIsCrono 9 3/9 1:26PM
just got back home with Brawl MayaFeyManiac 14 3/9 12:58PM
Nintendo: "We regret to inform that 98% of all Brawl copies are defective" Hippo_Is_Teh_67 6 3/9 10:52AM
After playing Brawl for over 3 hours... Zachnorn 9 3/9 10:06AM
500 topic before brawl comes. newusrname 16 3/9 9:42AM
So..I got my first taste of brawl. Xenobi 4 3/9 8:49AM
Two Board 8ers, one Brawl tournament. Zachnorn 4 3/9 4:57AM
anyone up for a game of brawl? Achromatic 4 3/9 4:10AM
So I am going to try to go to a Brawl tournament... Zachnorn 5 3/9 3:36AM
My fun Brawl midnight launch story (INTERESTING AND EXCITING) MoogleKupo141 3 3/9 3:22AM
so what place did you rank in on the Brawl Tourney palmer? Zephyr Phoenix 13 3/9 3:17AM
Brawl is overrated. Hippo_Is_Teh_67 23 3/9 1:58AM
Gonna go play drunken Brawl now Shaduln 3 3/9 1:52AM
I'm aching sore from so much Brawling... WVl 2 3/9 1:32AM
Attn: Everyone who has no desire to purchase Brawl. Zucafa 15 3/9 1:13AM
Instead of getting to play Brawl I had sex. StealThisSheen 7 3/9 12:51AM
My thoughts on Brawl. Jukkie 2 3/9 12:50AM
What are the chances Brawl will be out of stock? xHFx 2 3/9 12:44AM
augh brawl tourney baron von toast 1 3/9 12:25AM
My first impressions of Brawl. Twilight the Fox 1 3/8 11:57PM
So Brawl was pretty fun Revenus 1 3/8 11:50PM
adventure mode in brawl is awesome... Demon HunterX 1 3/8 11:48PM
How many polls about Brawl do we need? ScorpioVS 4 3/8 10:34PM
I have Brawl and you don't ^_^ UltimaterializerX 11 3/8 10:30PM
What character do I lose with in the Brawl tourney B8? red13n 8 3/8 10:10PM
how long will Brawl last b8? BIGPUN9999 12 3/8 10:09PM
Alright, my local EB Games opens in two hours for Brawl Robazoid 4 3/8 9:57PM
I don't think I'll ever have a lag-free Brawl match with a fellow B8'er... MrSmartGuy 1 3/8 9:55PM
Brawl was all a dream. Hippo_Is_Teh_67 2 3/8 9:50PM
So if I obtain a copy of Brawl at tonight's launch, I can't cancel my Amazon one Biolizard28 39 3/8 9:44PM
bustin out my newest north face for the brawl pickup SessIsSoTrill 1 3/8 9:28PM
Brawl -or- Never come to Board 8 or talk to a B8er ever again? DSRage_Revived 22 3/8 9:11PM
My thoughts on Brawl so far (from an import copy) *CHARACTER SPOILERS* Master Moltar 13 3/8 9:09PM
Brawl delayed until October. Hippo_Is_Teh_67 8 3/8 9:03PM
So, will Wal-Mart have Brawl available right at 10:00 AM tomorrow? Mac Arrowny 9 3/8 8:58PM
Post here as you leave for your respective Brawl torunies! goku z 8 3/8 8:24PM
The first character I will unlock in Brawl will be...(SPOILERS) Twilight the Fox 7 3/8 8:15PM
As Brawl's release draws nearer, let us reflect upon a fallen gaming icon. Twilight the Fox 7 3/8 8:09PM
I get Brawl and Dynasty Warriors 6 tomorrow after work then get 3 days off XxSoulxX 1 3/8 8:01PM
ExTha wants to fight Zachnorn because of Brawl? neonreaper 21 3/8 8:08PM
*cough* BRAWL goku z 2 3/8 7:55PM
Quick BRAWL Poll MayaFeyManiac 10 3/8 7:55PM
GameStop is the only major retailer that is selling Brawl at midnight, right? therealmnm 10 3/8 7:22PM
Gonna Regicide in Brawl tonight Kaidyn04 1 3/8 7:17PM
The parents don't want me getting Brawl because I don't have a Wii caseyface 2 3/8 6:21PM
Wow, you sir, just owned the **** out of me.. - daevlol
smoky owned me as well. - GOLDTOOTH
Posted 3/10/2008 8:19:26 PM
message detail
Aw hell yeah.
Bikini pic of my girlfriend:
Posted 3/10/2008 8:20:37 PM
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Your name would be super awesome if were Smokey Pog and you played pogs, and could do well without using any type of slammer.

Real men play pogs using only a normal pog for a slammer!

Gamertag: Serevarno
When you can't run anymore, you crawl, and when you can't crawl, you find someone to carry you.
Posted 3/10/2008 8:22:10 PM
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best game ever
"Bow to me! Worship me! Call out my name! LEZARD VALETH!"
Posted 3/10/2008 8:24:14 PM
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That's nothing compared to the L-block madness
"L-Block revolted against its soviet masters and brought down the Berlin wall. Line by line." -poisson
I don't like Haley Scarnato
Posted 3/10/2008 8:31:00 PM
message detail
There's also a decent-sized batch listed under SSBB.

Topic Created By Msgs Last Post
Has anyone heard how much SSBB sold first 24 hours? MyWorldIsCrono 7 3/10 2:00PM
So who here has all the characters unlocked in SSBB? o___Okami 13 3/10 12:51PM
SSBB Match: Hippo vs Lihlih. Achromatic 8 3/10 12:47PM
Can we do the Board 8 SSBB tournament tonight? Zero_Saber_X 4 3/10 11:02AM
I won a $5 giftcard at the Gamestop SSBB midnight release MarvelousGerbil 1 3/10 10:51AM
Ike is, without a doubt, the best SSBB character. FrenchForFish 21 3/10 2:52AM
Is there somewhere that has the current records of each event match in SSBB? Shiny_Dunsparce 3 3/9 10:29PM
hey this is an original SSBB topic hey listen hey Karma Hunter 12 3/9 9:47PM
Ness is a good character in SSBB. Solid_Mike86 6 3/9 8:13PM
Let's play SSBB. Diet Water 21 3/9 5:34PM
SSE is so ****ing GAR *SSBB spoilers* starcow 1 3/9 4:34PM
Two SSBB-related questions. KamikazePotato 4 3/9 2:01PM
My current impressions on SSBB characters: Taslion 2 3/9 6:24AM
SSBB Line philkid3 1 3/9 12:41AM
What will YOU be playing on sunday? **NO SSBB ALLOWED** SBell0105 22 3/8 8:13PM
SSBB CPU Team Tournament Results, Discussion, and Stuff SirBinro 116 3/8 6:47PM
I won the local level SSBB tourney User728 13 3/8 6:25PM

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